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member (9)member
01/18/2022 05:07PM  
Planning to head to the south end of Lake Three from Entry 30 to base camp. Any advice on campsites and/or fishing spots/techniques? The photos I saw showed many of the campsites devoid of trees due to the last fire. Also, are there maps with GPS waypoints in that area? Planning to go first week of June. Thanks.
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member (46)member
01/25/2022 12:55PM  
Most of the bottom half of Three was caught in the 2011 wildfire. When you come in from Lake Two, the first two campsites on the right and first three on the left (including the island side, #2220) are all good. Down on the south end, #1515 is excellent; it's tucked away from the wind, the wildfire didn't destroy the tree cover, just a great spot. #2224 in the southeast was also a nice place to spend a night and that little bay had smallmouth bass biting nonstop.

The sites on the islands in the south end of Three are not super great, so if I were coming in I'd first try for the north island #2220 and if it's open, take it; the south landing of it gets direct sun from sunup to sunset and it's a fantastic spot to spend the evening watching the sun go down across the lake to the west. Assuming, of course, that the early June bugs aren't eating you alive. :-)
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