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Guest Paddler
01/20/2022 01:45PM  
People have given me lots of feedback to consider as I plan my first canoe trip, 6 days (accompanied by a friend with experience).
Small lakes, big lakes, rivers are all fine.
Waterfalls are nice but not essential.
Fishing is fun but isn't a big draw.
Preferably no >160 rod portages.

Nobody's asked about petroglyphs but I was wondering where we might find some.
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01/20/2022 02:50PM  
No BWCA petroglyphs... pictographs are to be found with most marked on your maps.
distinguished member(1245)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/20/2022 03:02PM  
Find a copy of "Magic On The Rocks" by Michael Furtman. It is an extensive guide to where you can find Pictographs throughout canoe country.

I have visited pictographs on:

Fishdance Lake - Entry #37 @ Kawishiwi Lake. Go north to Malberg and then southwest on River Lake to Fishdance Lake (next to Alice Lake). Two rather large panels with multiple images. Some say it is faded, but they are wonderful.

Rocky Lake - Enter either #14 Little Indian Sioux North or #16 Moose River. Head to Oyster Lake and portage north. Very small panel with 3 lines.

Finger Lake - Enter #14 LIttle Indian Sioux North or #16 Moose River. Head north of Oyster and Rocky Lake and then west through Pocket Lake to Finger Lake. Pictographs are in the western most campsite on the island. (Nice campsite too.). There is one panel with a couple of handprints.

distinguished member(2366)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/20/2022 03:17PM  
Ahhh.. but there are petroglyphs. At least one location that I know of . Well documented.

After what has happened to the petroglyphs in TX and the damage to the Lewis and Clark inscription in MT I just rather not point them out.

01/20/2022 03:33PM  
The only petroglyphs I have seen are in Quetico PP on Agnes Lake just north of the entrance to the S-chain.
Guest Paddler
01/20/2022 04:07PM  
Good point.
Guest Paddler
01/20/2022 04:10PM  
Thanks for the clarification. I think I'd enjoy either pictographs or petroglyphs. So I'll be looking into this.
distinguished member (294)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/20/2022 07:39PM  
Petroglyphs are much rarer. Only one spot for that which has been stated is on Agnes Lake in Quetico. I know of another spot which I haven’t gotten to yet on Lake of the Woods Canadian side. I’ve been to several Pictograph sites on the Canadian side of Lake of the woods.

Tons of Pictograph options. Magic on the Rocks is definitely the book to get. I’ve found that more of them are marked on the Fisher maps.

My son and I got lucky in Utah this fall at Arches. Usually I do more research but a guy told us about a huge petroglyphs site when we were out on one of the major hikes. I’m not even sure how many we saw that day in that one area. Probably around a 100. Site was signed down below and it wasn’t easy to get to. Basically the park doesn’t mention it on any maps or in any official way. Sign says you’ve found something unique please preserve it.

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