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02/07/2022 08:10AM  
What does anyone hear about the Prairie Portage ranger station being open to check in for entry into Quetico Park, via Basswood Lake?
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02/07/2022 08:33AM  
Both Prairie Portage and Cache Bay are closed for the foreseeable future, that is, until the Covid pandemic is past and they allow Remote Area Border Crossing (RABC) permits again.

Lac La Croix is open for drive-in only from the north.

Your best bet for going to Quetico is to cross the border and pass through Customs at International Falls / Fort Frances, then drive to one of the northern entry points.
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02/07/2022 12:37PM  
It's not...
02/08/2022 01:08PM  
Southern access to Quetico is a frequent topic of discussion on the Quetico forum, and several members of that forum are keeping close watch on border issues. Consider adding the Quetico forum to your visits.

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