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Guest Paddler
02/10/2022 10:00AM  
Hi everybody, I’m curious about a couple of rules when it comes to winter camping. I know they highly encourage hot tents to be pitched on the ice to reduce impact, but many lakes this year have lots of slush below the snow. Is it against the rules to pitch a hot tent on land? And for campfires, are you allowed to have a campfire in a designated fire pit at a campsite? I know they want campfires on the ice as well, but I have seen several photos and videos this year of tents on land and fires in the designated fire pits at campsites. Was just wondering what the actual rules are. Thanks for your time!
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distinguished member (199)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/10/2022 10:15AM  
I have been using canvas tents and wood stoves for over 40 years. Be responsible out there. One of the great things about winter camping is the lack of rules. Of course you can pitch a tent on dry land.
02/10/2022 07:55PM  
The SNF discourages people from winter camping in established campsites, but does not ban it. I think it’s a matter of protecting young vegetation. If you want to camp in a campsite, please just be mindful of their intent.

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