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03/22/2022 09:26PM  
New Trip Report posted by TreeBear

Trip Name: Warmth, Wolves, and Wet Feet.

Entry Point: 26

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03/22/2022 09:53PM  
TreeBear - awesome report! Sure loved reading about the interaction with the wolves. It doesn't get much better than that! Glad you got to enjoy the experience.

We enjoy Wood Lake and it's been a good entry point for our family. I do hope the ice thaws before our trip in early May!
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03/23/2022 07:22AM  
"I was fuming as I started to pick up the nearly gallon bag of trash, and that only got worse the further back we walked. The occupants had felled nearly 10 small trees for firewood and tent poles, they had stripped branches from most of the balsam fir, they had left a couple pounds of asparagus spread around the site, they had left unopened beer cans (which froze over the winter and exploded, don’t get the idea that it was a reward), and had forgotten plenty of gear besides. The mugs, silverware, paracord, and bungee cable were a small reward for cleaning up after these slobs who had utterly trashed an overused campsite in what is supposed to be its “rest season.” Our communal disgust was palpable, but at least our light spring gear left us plenty of room for carrying out the garbage heap."

That was tough to read. I had naively thought the worst was behind us now. For what it is worth I am deeply thankful for your group taking the time and effort to clean up and haul out the trash.

"we all awoke around 2:00 for one of the most magical evenings any of us had ever experienced in canoe country. The lake was popping like it does early in the season which is what woke me. Dan came walking back to say that the northern lights were out. “No, really!?! But it’s a full moon.” Sure enough, the northern lights were popping brightly for nearly 30 minutes even with the full moon. As we sat and watched, a wild and primeval sound echoed from the east end of the lake as a small pack of 3-4 wolves began to howl in unison."

Wow, that was really cool!
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03/23/2022 08:51AM  
The encounter with wolves under the Northern Lights - wow!

Thanks for cleaning up the campsite.
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03/23/2022 09:53AM  
Aurora Borealis - always awesome.

Trashing a site in the winter - doubly bad. Thanks for cleaning it up.

Thanks for taking the time to share your adventure.
03/27/2022 06:52PM  
Thanks for Cleaning up after others and for the trip report. Fortunately, I have not encountered very many bad campsites, but I hope I would do the same. I have picked up some trash, but maybe a candy wrapper, so not as much as you did.
Also, after reading your report, I almost felt like I was there seeing and hearing the wolves myself. I would have been scared - wolves can take down a moose, and I might be big, but not as big as a moose!
I hope you are able to keep living the dream as long as possible.
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