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04/05/2022 08:40PM  
One Counter Assault Bear Kegs, MSRP $79.95 in the original box; for $40.

Will add photo when site is working that way, hopefully soon!

I am in New Mexico, will travel through Duluth to be at Voyageurs Canoe on June 6th for a tow on Sag on June 7. Perhaps I can meet buyers!

Or I can ship at your expense, weighs 3 pounds 10 ounces. I ship from 87501.

MY CRAIGSLIST AD lists one Bear Keg for $50– I am lowering my price to $45 for folks.

See my Craigslist ad at

Reflective Strips are great for locating the canister in the dark after the Bears have played Keg Soccer or Volley Keg or whatever they do in their effort to break into these containers. I recently added additional strips to accommodate the more athletic of neighborhood bruins.

Bear Kegs, like every other Bear Resistant Food Container, are NOT Waterproof. Be sure to keep your food in Dry Sacks, Baggies, or what have you.

Counter Assault estimates that one Keg will hold an 8-12 day supply of dehydrated food for one person. Given that one is supposed to bear proof ANY ITEM that will attract bears, i.e. toothpaste, lip balm, and so on, one might not get that kind of time in consumables out of a keg.
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