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04/10/2022 04:32PM  
New Trip Report posted by bobbernumber3

Trip Name: April Winter Camp.

Entry Point: Other

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member (20)member
04/11/2022 05:17PM  
I really enjoyed seeing these pictures and learning more about winter camping. I would love to do that some day. The tent with stove and breakfast looked like a great setup.
distinguished member(832)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/11/2022 05:27PM  
Beautiful location! Thanks for the pics.
04/12/2022 02:52PM  
Well done, Bobber. I wish I had squeezed in one more winter camping trip but missed my chance. Thanks for writing this up and sharing the photos.

So you took 3 sleds with you?
04/12/2022 08:53PM  
Jaywalker: "... So you took 3 sleds with you?"

First trek was tent and gear on the toboggan and a sled of firewood. I went back to the truck for a third sled and brought in my fishing gear... got my walking exercise!
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