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05/11/2022 12:02PM  
My brother and i have a small-mouth bass fishing trip planed for June 1st. 7 days.
Our concern is water temps. We top-water fish the shore line for spawning bass.
Totally barb-less for 20 years. catch photo and release.

We are concerned with the late spring that we may be there too early. Water too cold.
The next 3 days will be warm, but then back down into the 50s.
Should we postpone a for 4 days or a week?

My brother is threatening that this may be his last real canoe trip.
We have never been to norther Quetico.
Any spots for bass , walleye or Lake trout would be appreciated on Quetico lake, Jean lake or Beaver House. You can pm me with any recommendations. We will not share the spots with anyone. and we never keep large fish. In fact. We haven't cooked fish for about 5 years. Too much work. Plus we fish until sunset.

We have never targeted Lake Trout. Any ideas for lures?>


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05/11/2022 03:47PM  
I troll a DDHJ 10 in Spring. Sometimes a regular HJ. 5-10' down is all you generally need to fish early for LT. Sometimes you will find them 30-40' down in Spring but you would see them on sonar.
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05/11/2022 07:48PM  
I would plan on trolling a lure 10-15’ deep, maybe 20’ at the most if it warms up quickly. A medium sized deep tail dancer like a 7-9 would cover the deeper end, while a shad rap or DDHJ with the right line could cover the shallower range. Many people like blues or purple with white or chrome lures. We’ve had a lot of success with those, as well as with firetiger.
05/15/2022 11:54PM  
If it's smallmouth and you want them shallow on the beds, I would postpone it a few days. Smallmouth bass spawn at around 60 degrees F.
If you delay the change to the last minute, you could wait and see if we get super hot weather in the next 14 days or so?

Lake trout would be perfect for June 1. this year.

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