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05/11/2022 12:27PM  
May 15 I will be heading out onto Sea Gull Lake for the first time in 25 years.
I have never caught a Lake Trout. Or really tried.

Lake Trout will be my main focus. I will be in the canoe for 4 days.
Is there any side of the lake I should focus on?

Any Lures or techniques would be appreciated. Colors...

With the fish being shallow. Would there be any advantage to bringing a locator/sonar? Not the most convenient but doable.

Will bass be hanging out deep?
And since the current areas will not be open to fishing. Where can some walleyes be found? Bays, points, Or just troll for scattered walleyes?

How close can you fish to restricted areas?


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05/11/2022 11:30PM  
campsite 455 has excellent shore fishing , lakers on the north side of the campsite and pike on the other side. i always bring in frozen suckers minnows(layered in a small cooler) for shore fishing (slip sinker set up) (you can also walk to the end of the point and cast out towards the left you'll catch lakers)))))
lures & colors , spoons- little cleos are great this time of year , my #1 trolling lure is the 7" original rapala blk/gld with a leader gets down about 10' prefect for ice out lakers . use lures you have confidence in ;)
i feel seagull will be passable on your date , best of luck ,
feel free to email me for anymore info, Darryll
a couple of pics from 2017 on #455
distinguished member(4074)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
05/11/2022 11:43PM  
you can fish the flowage area into seagull as the DNR does not want to paddle twice to put signs out and retrieve them , no motors past 3-mile and they have to ad bye by that rule also. ;) they use to put out the innertube signs pre- motor restrictions. but not anymore. people like to grab them sites close to the outlet. but come monday you'll have the lake to yourself :)
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05/12/2022 05:19PM  
I saw on Tuscarora's instagram that Seagull is ice free as far as he could see from the landing. Should be perfect timing!

Troll around and keep your lures high....cranks, spoons, etc. They can see up and feed up very well, they can't really look down so don't fish under them and with the water this cold they won't be real deep.
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