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member (5)member
05/11/2022 05:48PM  
I got an old Royalex canoe that has a lot of white showing and one soft spot in particular. I was wondering what’s the best practice for fixing this? I’ve seen a lot of YouTube videos for patching of Kevlar and fibreglass canoes but nothing for royalex anymore.

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distinguished member(589)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/11/2022 06:17PM  
I have settled on west systems gflex two part epoxy for all royalex repairs. I once saw a promo video of theirs where they cut a plastic boat in half, glued it back together, and dropped it off a bridge on it’s stem to the pavement below with no damage, very few resins allow flex like that.
senior member (100)senior membersenior member
05/12/2022 10:03AM  
What do you mean by "soft spot"?

My Royalex Wenonah Sprit 2 has 20 years of my beating up on it, and I bought it used from an outfitter to begin with!

Mine looks a lot worse than yours, but I haven't considered it to be needy of repairs to the Royalex portion of the canoe (I have replaced thwarts and seat brackets).
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