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05/12/2022 11:37AM  
Forgive me since I know this has been addressed on here before, but I want some clarification. I have heard it said that PMA permits must be picked up at their presiding USFS office. Is that truly the case or can they be picked up by at a different ranger station? The particular reason I am asking at this moment is that I am hoping to find my way into PMA 2 Canthook Lake this year. I believe PMA 2 is under the LaCroix ranger district. In order to pick up from that ranger station, one would need to go multiple hours out of the way from Ely to go to the ranger station and then up to the Echo trail. Ideally, I'd be able to pick up a PMA permit for PMA 2 from Kawishiwi Station in Ely, but not if the rules require the presiding station. Anyone have any clarification for me?
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distinguished member(1450)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/12/2022 09:52PM  
I reserved a PMA permit earlier this spring for our July trip. I reserved it through the Gunflint station even though the PMA is in the Tofte district. I clarified with them that I would indeed be able to pick it up from the Gunflint station when we pick up our regular entry permit. We are going to being visiting along the Gunflint Trail for 4 days before our trip and didn't want to have to drive back to Tofte.

Have you already reserved your PMA permit? I recommend reserving it through the station where you wish to pick it up, and double check with them.
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05/22/2022 09:15PM  
I have a follow up to my own question.

I recently called in for a Drag Lake permit and was pleasantly surprised how knowledgeable the ranger was and how streamlined and easy my process worked. After reserving my permit, I asked the question that I have posted above. Her take is that, especially now with the electronic system for PMA's (to my understanding, an upgrade which was long in coming) you must call the overseeing ranger station for reserving the permit, but may then pick it up from any ranger station which has access to the PMA system. If that is true, then that really simplifies things. If nothing other than one ranger's take on the rule book in front of her, hopefully it's a helpful precedent for folks wondering the same question that I was. Best of luck on all of your adventures!
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