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05/13/2022 09:41AM  
Just curious to see if anyone uses those shelf stable chicken or tuna packets. I've had them before but never on a trip. Do you fry them up to add flavor? Add to a sauce or pasta mix? Use as a topping?

I like the idea of being able to add a protein to a meal if we don't catch fish, but I'm having a hard time figuring out a good recipe that would work with either fish or one of these packets. I have some ideas and one that would work fine with either option, but I've been skunked before on trips so it would be nice to have more than one backup option.
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05/13/2022 01:52PM  
I bring the tuna salad packets all the time. Putting them on a burrito with some string cheese is one of my favorite power lunches on big paddle days.

I think I brought chicken once, and should probably do it more. I specifically like adding it to a tortellini dish I like to make, but that lacks enough protein.
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05/13/2022 02:41PM  
We brought the tuna on our last trip for fish fillet insurance, but brought them home again. :-) Ate it up after getting back and it was just like out of the can. Will for sure bring either or both for future menus.
05/13/2022 03:23PM  
We’ll use the chicken packets with chicken taco seasoning. Great tacos! Also, we will add them to Knor chicken alfredo.
05/13/2022 05:41PM  
Add plain packets to Knorr Pasta Sides or Bear Creek soup mix. Use flavored ones for sandwiches.
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05/13/2022 07:03PM  
Shelf stable chicken stove top dressing, and instant chicken gravy, all in one pot. Splurge on some cranberry sauce.
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05/13/2022 09:08PM  
I love the tuna ones for lunch.
05/14/2022 07:44PM  
I put a recipe on the fish recipe thread for fish cakes using a tuna packet. If we had only gotten a smaller fish we might have used this recipe for fresh fish to stretch it enough for both of us. I really liked it with the tuna, though. We bought tartar sauce packets from the outfitter to go with whatever fish we had. It was much better than I expected.
05/15/2022 08:08AM  
Our group has used the chicken packets as an ingredient in pasta salad. Makes for a nice meal.
05/15/2022 08:22AM  
straighthairedcurly: "I love the tuna ones for lunch. "

I eat it right out of the packet so no dishes. It also makes lunch easy and convenient on a travel day, day trip, or out fishing. They have tons of different flavors but I have settled on the sunflower oil as my favorite.
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05/16/2022 05:16PM  
We use it as a supplement to rice or soup dishes. Try this:

Make a pot of Knoor vegetable soup per the packet directions. Once it starts to warm up, add the packet of chicken. While it is cooking, mix some Bisquick with water to make a thick batter. Very thick. When the soup starts to boil, add spoonfuls of that mixture to the soup. In a few minutes you will have dumplings!

Another way to do it is to mix the Bisquick and water in a Ziploc bag and cut one of the corners off. Then you can squeeze the dumplings into the pot of soup.

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05/17/2022 10:48AM  
We take chicken, cheese sauce, salsa for quesadillas at lunch. Tuna, mayo packets, tortillas or pita for quick sandwiches. And (don’t cringe) we also take individual foil packs of spam. When diced and added to scrambled eggs it is ok.
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05/18/2022 07:21AM  
I use the chicken packets for Biscuits and Gravy. Easy to carry and just add to country gravy and pour over your favorite biscuits.
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05/18/2022 01:32PM  
Don't speak that way about SPAM. It is perfectly normal to enjoy that delectable meat product. It is great to throw in with eggs in the morning. Dr. Seuss actually meant to name his book Green Eggs and Spam.
05/19/2022 01:52PM  
We also will add foil pack chicken and summer sausage to Tony Chachere’s Jambalaya. It’s a dry boxed product. Nice to have a little spice during a trip.
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07/24/2022 10:59AM  
If in Canada, Metro grocery stores (there’s one in Thunder Bay if you are travelling through there, on Arthur Street about 1km east of the airport intersection Hwy 61 ) usually carry Cloverleaf brand yellowfin tuna in a pouch.

I eat it with Kraft Dinner (macaroni and cheese). You need to bring a little milk powder to mix up about a quarter cup of milk and some oil/butter to make the Kraft Dinner. Butter at home, oil when camping.

Important note [Dont be naive and buy Kraft brand Kraft Dinner. Like all true Canadians, we know the best Kraft Dinner is actually not made by Kraft. We just call all macaroni and cheese ‘Kraft Dinner’. Like saying Kleenex instead of ‘facial tissue’. The best brand is President’s Choice (PC brand) White Cheddar macaroni and cheese. Luckily you can buy it across the street from Metro at Shoppers Drug Mart (Mountdale and Arthur st.) , or at the Real Canadian Superstore at Carrick street and the Harbour Expressway.]

Cloverleaf yellowfin tuna pouch PC white cheddar macaroni and cheese
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08/06/2022 08:04AM  
We always carry a pile of random tuna + chicken flavors. Easy lunch/snack if youre out and about as they pack down flat. Chicken salad pack with some cheese on a tortilla is a good chunk of calories fast on the go. Can sometimes help to add some lemon juice juice & salt to the tuna packets but otherwise we've never done much.
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