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05/16/2022 11:03AM  
I recently purchased an old Coleman canoe. It has two hull identification numbers (HIN) on it.
QCC012 101279
QCC013 101279

I don't know why it would have two numbers, and I'm hoping someone on the forum can tell me. This is my primary purpose for posting.

While I'm here let's also talk about the information encoded in the HIN.

QCC = Canadian Coleman Company

The online HIN decoder tool I found says the serial number would be 01210 or 01310 with the manufacture date of 12/79. But the space in the middle makes me think that the manufacture date is 10/12/79 and the serial numbers are 012 and 013.

Coleman started making canoes in 1979 so it wouldn't be unreasonable to think that this canoe would have a low serial number.

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