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member (38)member
05/18/2022 10:02AM  
I just got a permit for snowbank
I am so happy

This will be the 7th year in a row I will be at the BWCA.

But this will be the first year I really want to focus on fishing.

In past years I was happy just spending time with my family/friends. Canoeing, sitting by the fire, carving.... you get the picture.

But this year I really want to land some fish.
I will take any and all SINCERE advice I can get.

Please help

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distinguished member(3903)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/18/2022 12:38PM  
Snowbank itself can be good but it's a BIG lake and winds there are not kind. If you want fish, find moving water like Jordan & Cattyman area and then into Ima if you want. Plenty of trip reports here for that area as well as Disappointment and other areas in between the EP and Ima.
member (38)member
05/19/2022 10:08AM  
Thanks for that information

Yes, we are not planning to stay at Snowbank

member (49)member
05/22/2022 04:37PM  
Disappointment Lake is excellent fishing. A lot of people paddle past some great fishing on that lake trying to get deeper into the BWCA (Ima, Thomas, Fraser, etc). That's fine but I catch lots of fish on Disappointment while watching others traveling - just saying!
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