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05/19/2022 09:11AM  
Hey everyone,

Getting towed to American Point for a five day trip starting on 6-1. Crew of 4.. mainly a fishing trip.

We went to the North Arm of Knife last year, but it was during the terrible heatwave. This year looks more promising.

Any opinions about lakes in this area? At this point, I think Amoeber sounds like the best bet, especially if lakers are still in shallow. But, we also enjoy bass and walleye and I don't believe Amoeber is the best for those. We will have a depth finder. Two of us mostly use fly rods. Feel free to share any tips. Thanks.
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05/19/2022 01:18PM  
Great Area! I was on Amoeber 2-years ago. Fantastic lake and nice site on the island near the portage into Knife. Seems like a lake most people paddle through. I was there for 2-nights and very few other canoes came through. My buddies caught bass and pike.
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05/19/2022 02:49PM  
If you haven't seen it already? Check out my trip report Hanging out north of the South Arm

The South Arm of Knife can provide excellent fishing for many species.
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05/19/2022 04:15PM  
My Buddy caught a huge bass way back in college on Cherry. He is hoping to get back this summer and give it another try with the family. Amoeber lake to Cherry lake is easy so you could consider that if you want to.

I’ve been through some of the bays in the North Arm of Knife cutting through into the South Arm by portaging instead of going around Thunder Point. I felt like that area looked great for walleye and Bass.

Ester Lake is also beautiful and would give options for Lakers as well as The other species. With high water it would be a super easy just narrow paddle through into Hanson so. You could easily fish that lake as well from Ester. Better campsites on Ester though.

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05/19/2022 08:50PM  
Amoeber and Cherry have nice campsites but only a couple each so need to get there early if you want to have a better chance at staying there. Ottertrack can be good fishing, NAK is good and those bays that get closer to the south arm I agree, very shallow and mud bottom and weedy. So if your deep clear water fishing isn't doing well head in there for some shallow bass and pike.

Should be water flowing from Ottertrack into NAK, fish that. (but be careful to stay on the US side since that is the border)
member (31)member
05/20/2022 06:43AM  
Thanks for the suggestions. It's good to hear about bass on Cherry and Amoeber, since the DNR fish surveys don't reflect that. I know most of the time the surveys are limited in their capacity to catch bass..

We worked those bays on NAK last year.
It was fun, but in the 90 degree weather last year, the bass were a bit lethargic and it gets old/unethical to pull fish off their beds all day. I like getting them pre spawn if possible.

Anyway, I'm thinking Amoeber is the best option as well as day trips to Cherry and back to fish that water between otter and knife.

Thanks everyone.
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05/20/2022 07:55AM  
Try the narrows of Ottertrack in low light for walleyes.
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