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05/20/2022 07:02PM  
So I cancelled our Baker Lake permit due to gnarly water conditions and booked a permit for Brule. We are contemplating either heading east on Brule to find a nice spot to camp, or heading west to Juno. I have read that Juno is a rather nice lake with decent fishing and I like long narrow lakes. My concerns with Brule are the potential for difficult windy conditions and although it is a good fishing lake, I have heard several times that 90% of the fish ae in 10% of the water. if we are not in the right spot we might not do to well.

Does anyone have any knowledge of the Brule to Juno portage(not rated/no descriptions on the site) and impressions of Juno Lake in general? Heading out Sunday morning, any responses would be appreciated.

Do you think it would be better to go Brule East or Juno west?
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distinguished member (211)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/21/2022 12:29AM  
I spent two nights on Juno in 2016. We were at the western end, #960. Rocky site was better than it looked. We found room for 3 smaller tents. The next site east was low and boggy IIRC and the easternmost site looked better than the one we stayed at. Lots of beaver activity and the water was very heavily stained but palatable with a charcoal filter added to our gravity system. Nothing memorable about the portage to Brule. We were heading east to exit and it was the only time I've been on Brule without wind being an issue. I've spent the entirety of two other trips to the eastern half of Brule and even with some wind we had a great time.

Vern is very much like Juno. The portage was easy with a little pond in the middle, and the sites looked great although we didn't stay there.

See where the wind takes you! I don't think you can go wrong.
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05/21/2022 05:38AM  
In high water Juno and Vera might be better to get around? Brule can be a bear in windy conditions! Was pretty scary coming off Brule last September.
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