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member (26)member
05/22/2022 04:01AM  
With our entry date rapidly approaching my group and I decided to dump our original plans of portaging in live minnows. We travel 20 miles on day 1 to base camp on some (hopefully) good fishing. Last year I had good luck on my solo trip keeping several dozen minnows alive, but the guys I'm going with this time around preferred to skip them based on their past experiences with portaging live bait in the BWCA. Its too late to get salted shiners shipped to me, so I'm wondering if anyone knows of a bait shop somewhere between the cities and Ely that might have salted shiners in stock and available for purchase?

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member (6)member
05/22/2022 01:20PM  
If you have time you can salt your own minnows.
05/22/2022 02:00PM  
Try Mikes bait on 8, not too far out of the way. Call ahead.

Mikes Bait on 8
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