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05/23/2022 11:40AM  
I have two canoes that could use a refinish this spring, my new to me Northstar Magic and my older Souris River Quetico.

I looked up instructions for the Souris River and am planning to give it a good wipe down with acetone and then recoat with epiphanes spar varnish.

My question is, can I treat the Magic the same way?
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05/23/2022 01:21PM  
I'd just call Northstar, they seem to be pretty helpful with general questions.
05/23/2022 02:01PM  
My magic needed a little sanding but sand, wipe down with acetone and thin coat Epiphanes varnish then repeat is was what my research suggested. The hardest part was keeping a uniform coat around the tumblehome as it got close to the thwarts.
05/23/2022 04:10PM  
I’ve refinished my SR twice now, and it was really easy. First time I sanded by hand, and second time using a random orbital sander which was way better, then finished with Epifanes. One thing to keep on mind - if I’m remembering correctly - is that the outermost layer of fabric in the SR is fiberglass, which is highly resistant to the sanding. The Northstar - I think - has Kevlar as it’s outmost layer, and I think it is very sensitive to sanding. I’d you hit it, it will fray is what I remember, so you have to be more careful on the thin spots.
05/23/2022 06:07PM  
Thanks everyone! I hand sanded lightly, wiped with acetone, and applied the spar varnish. Already looks way better. Think tomorrow I will repeat the process, and then should be good to go!
distinguished member (372)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/23/2022 06:18PM  
Last fall I sanded and sprayed my northwind solo with spray max 2K automotive clear coat. Expensive at 40.00, but it was dry in 10 mins, I did 2 coats, it seems more durable than spar varnish and has the UV protection as well. It sprayed on pretty good. Haven't had the boat out yet. Very toxic stuff, need a respirator or a mask, I did it outdoors early before the wind came up

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