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member (12)member
05/23/2022 03:47PM  
Going to be taking daughter and father in law on a trip later this week. We are likely going to make our way from Snow Bay down to Finger & Pocket Lakes. I can not find any info on Thumb Lake between Beartrack and Finger. What fish species are in there? I want walleye which Finger and Pocket can accommodate but my daughter loves going after bass which I don't think Finger and Pocket have.
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05/23/2022 05:13PM  
Finger does have bass as I have caught some and I’ve heard people catching bass in pocket as well. Most net surveys can’t accurately assess bass numbers in most lakes. My guess is that Thumb has bass since it’s connected by a stream. It’s a small lake so I think you could quickly assess if it holds bass. Thumb Lake The DNR map is incorrect on the location of the lake.
member (42)member
05/24/2022 08:12AM  
I spent a layover day on Finger Lake in late May 2020. We fished Finger mostly but also spent a couple hours on Thumb. More bass were caught in Finger, only one or two in Thumb. Several nice walleye and pike were also caught in Thumb. We fish by casting the shoreline with spinners and body baits.
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