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member (5)member
05/24/2022 03:45PM  
New Trip Report posted by HookandAntler

Trip Name: Wood to Good Lake .

Entry Point: 26

Click Here to View Trip Report
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05/24/2022 04:32PM  
Nice trip report. Too bad the fishing wasn't better for you. A wolf sighting makes any trip memorable!
06/01/2022 05:39PM  
I’d be a little spooked with the wolf, but kind of cool in hindsight. Sorry to hear that your yoke broke! I enjoyed the report as I have gone to the Wood EP before. Those rocks really are slick when wet!
distinguished member (320)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/02/2022 09:47AM  
Thanks for the good report. I'm going that way in mid-August, so I enjoyed hearing about current conditions. Maybe the fish will be biting for me, still haven't decided on whether to bring leeches or not. I am definitely gonna inspect the yoke. And thanks for reducing that downfall to knee high !
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