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05/31/2022 06:26AM  
Hey y’all!

Got a steal on a dual axle 25 foot yacht trailer this weekend! After chopping off about 4 feet from the tongue in 3 feet from the frame on the rear, I’m looking at a more reasonably sized trailer.

Planning on building a flatbed with 6 bays: 2 wide, 3 high. Next, I’m going to install a deck box on the bottom for paddles, PFD’s, etc.

I’m interested in setting up a solar trickle charge system in order to power a an alarm and a few LED’s that are part of the turn signal/brake light wiring. Imagining solar panels somewhere on the frame of the trailer with a battery and it’s wiring housed in the deck box.

Can anyone point me towards an article or supplies that would help me get this done? Anything is helpful since I’m starting from zero!

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distinguished member(1553)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/31/2022 01:29PM  
Just clarifying...are you planning to power the lighting when the trailer is not hooked up to the vehicle?

I will forward your project idea to my husband who does a lot of this type of stuff to see if he has a good reference for you.
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