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05/31/2022 08:56PM  
Looking for some help in identifying this layup please. Bell NW 17, ‘97, and 64lbs on the scale. I'm thinking it's what Bell called Kevlar Deluxe?

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06/02/2022 02:30PM  
I looked at the 1999 Bell catalog and it listed the white/gold lay-up at 60 lbs. They were always a bit optimistic about their weight numbers so I think that is your boat. White/gold was gelcoat/S-glass/Kevlar. Almond,like yours, was one of the gelcoat colors.

99 Bell catalog
06/02/2022 04:15PM  
Thanks sedges, this is very cool. I think you're right about the white gold, maybe the wood trim accounts for anything beyond "optimism" on the weight listing?

Just bought this one and it's heavier than advertised (seller was also optimistic) but the almost new condition was accurate. After a wash, sand, and oil, it's a real beauty.

I'm also excited to dig around on the solocanoes website, thanks for passing this along!

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06/09/2022 09:10AM  
Agree - White Gold. I have an old Northwoods with the same layup in the same color.
06/09/2022 12:06PM  
Yep, and the wood gunwales adds the additional few pounds of weight over the aluminum.
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