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06/07/2022 02:06PM  
Just wondering if anyone has any thought on Falls Chain in July? We’ll be going through some time areound July 9th or 10th. I assume water will still be high but it should be safe by then? I’ll definitely check with Park staff before trip. Just before trip, and then let them know how it was after my trip.

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Old salt
Guest Paddler
06/07/2022 02:21PM  
Rolling the crystal ball…pretty close to normal.
06/07/2022 04:34PM  
We’ve got a couple of cameras on the dock and looking at the dock up on the Rainy River Wheelers point. Water looked to be down about an inch today. Wind direction can have an affect though but we’re hoping it’s starting to go down.

If I was starting my trip now I’d have to change my route.

06/07/2022 05:04PM  
Today's high water will be in Hudson Bay by the time you start your trip. Not an issue unless you get deluge just prior to your trip.

That being said I was in the middle of the Falls Chain on a trip in the mid-80's when we got between 7-9" (according to ranger we ran into the next day) of rain in 24 hours. The descent to Kawinipi was crazy. Water went up 3' overnight. Rocks we had canoe stashed on upside down and well clear of the water were under waist deep water in the morning. We didn't lose canoe or paddles but it was due to luck not planning.
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06/07/2022 06:26PM  
I would certainly expect things to be back to normal by then. Be sure to hang close to the SW shore if approaching Kennybas Falls from the upstream Kenny Lake side.
06/07/2022 09:30PM  
I was reviewing the small map again last night made I’m pretty sure by Janice Matichuk. Need to get 2 of those printed and waterproofed. Older posts say Kennebas, and Canyon which will be our last 2 are the ones to be extra careful and worry more on!

That much water in a day and that big a rise is crazy!

Planning to camp at least 1 night in the falls chain. Either next to Bald Rock Falls or the nice sites on Kenny Lake after Canyon Falls. Depends on where we’re at on trip and distance we need to cover.

Challenge will I guess be having to paddle north up Kawnipi the day after most likely up near McKenzie Bay. Don’t want to over plan campsites other than general areas I want to camp in and good alternatives. Wind and weather have a big say in modification of The plan.

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06/07/2022 11:14PM  
If you have not done the falls chain before look around on this site for the map Janice use to mark up, should be something updated from the last few years. She always stressed how careful to be when going through the falls chain.

How are you getting there, i'm assuming from a northern Q EP?

Ryan, Disregard, just read your post, Doh!
06/07/2022 11:20PM  
Pickerel Lake Stanton Bay entry from the North. We’re going to work to Agnes down to Prairie Portage. Then do the Man chain across to the Falls Chain. 14 day trip. Hoping to as an add on only if we have time side trip going into McKenzie Lake then backtracking back out same way. That would be on our way back North.

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06/07/2022 11:22PM  
Double post
06/08/2022 10:52AM  
06/08/2022 05:13PM  
unshavenman: " "

Excellent. Got this one bookmarked. Thanks!

11/20/2022 06:18PM  
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