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member (39)member
06/13/2022 04:41PM  
We just returned from a week long trip in BWCA with a group of great guys. We have a couple older guys who have been going for 15 years and had a hard time this trip and are ready to throw in the paddle. I was wondering about the fly in option in the quetico to make it more enjoyable for them and allow them to get another trip or two in. We generally base camp and bushwhack to a remote lake or two, and do day trips. We don’t care for seeing too many people and good fishing is a priority. We also like to avoid big water. Any suggestions on fly in options? We don’t mind a good paddle or several portages to get more remote, just want to keep it reasonable for the old guys.
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distinguished member (373)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/13/2022 05:02PM  
You can fly in near Mack Lake in the Quetico. Just outside the park. You can then get into Kawnipi Lake without too much effort but some. I also read somewhere that Mack lake is supposed to have excellent fishing.

For now you can’t access Quetico from the south. If the border opens up you could go in through Cache Bay into Saganagons Lake in Quetico. That is a big lake that is supposed to have some amazing fishing as well. You wouldn’t have to fly. Boat shuttle up near cache Bay. You would have to do the Silver Falls Portage which is a tougher portage though but that would be it other than coming back out.

Some Northern entries into Quetico could get you into good fishing with lighter crowds than the BWCA. Save you some money on the float plane. I’d ask this question in the Quetico form and you’ll get some great suggestions.

I’d suggest Wabakimi if you want to be flown into the lake of your choice. You wouldn’t have to portage unless you wanted to. Fishing in Wabakimi is supposed to be some of the best by far unless you are comparing to Woodland Caribou.

member (36)member
06/13/2022 06:38PM  
You guys should contact Jeremy at Canoe Canada Outfitters. They do flyins to a number of lakes in the White Otter/Turtle River Park. I think it might fit your needs.
distinguished member (461)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/13/2022 07:30PM  
You can’t fly into Quetico lakes. As mentioned, you can be dropped off outside the park and then paddle a couple rivers/creeks to make it to Mack Lake. I spent a couple days on Mack a few years ago. There were 2-3 other groups there at the time, which is strange in Quetico. The fishing was good to very good, but didn’t seem better than average in Quetico while we were there.

I agree with others that you might want to consider another area to fly into. When we stayed at the bunk house at Canoe Canada Outfitters a couple weeks ago there were groups doing fly in trips to cabins on remote lakes staying at the bunks before their trips. Give Canoe Canada a call and start digging around. For me personally, my first fly in trip will probably be to Woodland Caribou Provincial Park.
06/13/2022 09:21PM  
What are the ages in your group?

Sounds like some don't mind a good days paddle or several portages. And a bushwhack lake trip. But others aren't as able.
member (39)member
06/14/2022 08:13AM  
Wide age range couple late 60s and one in early 70s and the others 40-25yo. The older guys do fine but it’s just a lot for them to do the big portages and windy day paddling.
06/14/2022 11:17AM  
I am quite sure you can fly from the north side to/from Cache Bay. We had this set up thru our outfitter a couple weeks ago, but ended up paddling a loop instead.
member (39)member
06/14/2022 01:33PM  
Who was the outfitter
06/14/2022 04:30PM  
Camp Quetico was our outfitter.
distinguished member(1740)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/19/2022 08:31PM  
I have used Canoe Canada, who also owns Atikokan Aero to fly us on 2 trips...1) fly to Mack and paddle out, and 2) pick us up at King Point on Basswood after we had paddled across the park from Atikokan north to south. --Goose
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