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06/16/2022 10:24AM  
Poet chain rapids and falls area? Wondering if anybody has been up into Keats through Split Rock Portage? Also Keats into Shelley Have a Smoke Portage. Hearing Quetico Park might have some concerns for those areas as well. Work arounds do exist in those areas though to avoid Split Rock To get into Keats. I don’t really see any way to bypass Have a smoke Portage from Keats to Shelley though. I’m going to route into Montgomery so would avoid the fast water in the Maligne River section at the North end of Kawnipi.

I think a few guys are tripping in these areas now and will be reporting when they get back.

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06/17/2022 07:37AM  
I asked this question in Facebook on friends of Quetico page and got several answers, Photos, and some videos From Elle How who trips with Fisherman Boyle. They just did Cache Lake to McKenzie, and came back North through the Poet Chain. Had to bypass on everything but Have a smoke Portage. They post some pretty awesome canoeing videos every year from the trips they take.

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