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Bradley Loren
Guest Paddler
06/20/2022 04:55PM  
We had very nice weather the four days we were in, June 15-18, 2022. Mosquitoes and black flies were aggressive at dawn and dusk, but not bad during the day.

We stayed at campsite number 29 on Sea Gull Lake and it was nice because of the two entries and fishing opportunities. We did catch bass, trout and walleye off the south, or rock end, around dusk.

One day, it was too windy to go out in the water, so the grandkids had a good time with the camp chipmunk. If you see him there, they named him Peanuts. Of course, that is where our peanuts and pecans went.

At least two nice tent pads were out of the sun. The latrine was close by and a pretty view of the north side of the lake. Fire pit was located in perfect area, except if you have a south or north high winds.
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06/23/2022 11:18AM  
I know Seagull Lk due to my past association with Wilderness Canoe Base located on a couple of islands at the north end of the lake just off the end of the Gunflint Trail. Kind of busy lake but I have enjoyed my time on it. Sounds like you had a good trip.
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