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member (27)member
06/23/2022 03:14PM  
My son and I will be heading into Ella Hall tomorrow just for a day trip. Looking for some insights into the fishing due to our limited time back there. Any tips/hints would be appreciated - hoping to get on some good Smallie action!
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distinguished member (387)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/23/2022 11:00PM  
Find weeds and you'll find the pike. We had good luck for numbers and ok size out in front of the campsites along the NW shore, mostly using spinnerbaits. We were there over the 4th of July, so a couple weeks later than you will be there, but not sure that will make a big difference. We did not have time to check out the island area, but if you do, its likely worth a good look.

We did catch a couple smallies as well, but they were not our target so I can't speak to what they are like if you focus them.
06/24/2022 08:27AM  
We went in 2020 at the end of September which obviously is the end of the Summer and not beginning but we did really well on the northwest side of the lake between the portage and camp #1753.

In addition to the above, we also did well between camp #1750 and #1752 trying to stay between the 10 ft and 20 ft break.

Did really well on pike and my wife also caught a monster largemouth.

We were testing out some different methods but our best method was trolling a large chub on a big hook and stinger behind a bottom bouncer and a Lindy Rig spinner. Not something I would normally do but with the cooler weather at end of summer I figured I would give it a go.
06/24/2022 03:42PM  
Pondering a day tip that way in 2 weeks. How'd you do? How were the portages?

member (27)member
06/24/2022 11:09PM  
Thanks all for the info. I’ll start off by saying the portage is flooded out due to a beaver dam. We paddled around it and kept on going… bring a bug suit or you will not survive that area, or the rest of the portage for that matter, worst mosquitoes I’ve ever seen.

As far as the fishing goes, we had an amazing top water bite, and wacky worming just killed them. Numerous largies between 1 and 3 pounds, a couple bigger…. Good numbers of smallies, and a few pike. Mostly worked the edges due to our minimal time back there. Planning on spending a few days back there next year, there are very big bass hiding in there I’m sure.

Thanks again!
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