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      Pulling and Dahlin lake, anybody fish there ?     



06/25/2022 01:09PM  
Just was wondering what those lakes hold.
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senior member (51)senior membersenior member
06/27/2022 06:19PM  
It's been a really long time, maybe 1998, but I remember the tiny island as you get into Pulling had blueberries on it. I also remember both Pulling and Dahlin held some nice largemouth. I believe both hold smallies and Dahlin might have walleye, but I don't remember catching anything but largemouth. Could be that it's just been long enough that it's all a little fuzzy.

I happened to ask Mark Zup about these lakes during our 2016 trip. I guess Stu used to guide some folks into those lakes, and had relayed to Mark that the portages were almost impossible to find with all the blowdown and stuff. It sounded like if you could get in there, the fishing was pretty good though.

Probably not much help, but that's the extent of what I remember and what I've heard since on those particular lakes.
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