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senior member (67)senior membersenior member
06/27/2022 10:11PM  
I'm thinking about heading up to the Fall Lake Campground for a few days in August. Wondering what the chances are of getting a first come/first serve campsite on a weekday morning? Has anyone camped there and any tips I should know?
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distinguished member(595)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/28/2022 06:27AM  
Fall Lake Campground is a lovely place. There are usually a few empty first come campsites every morning, but often these are claimed by people who arrive with reservations, who decide that the first come campsite is nicer than the reserved one, which, of course, opens the reserved site.

The campground people are great and, in the past, have been willing to work with me.. But they will not hold a sight for you. My tip would be to call them a few days in advance and they will tell you how its looking regarding turnover for the next few days. And show up early in the day.
06/28/2022 08:22AM  
I just spent 5 days at Fall Lake Campground. showed a full campground, but about 1/4 of the reservable sites were not occupied. I think gas prices have reduced demand at the campground. I think your odds of scoring a first-come campsite are very good.

Try to stay on the loop east of the boat landing (Lake). West of the landing seems to be noisier. Site 36 is a good non-reserve site.
senior member (67)senior membersenior member
06/28/2022 01:14PM  
Thank You for the info!
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