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07/04/2022 08:17PM  
Here's my story... Many tandem trips over the years with my own boat. Had a trip scheduled for next week with a group. Our plans were to go in Baker Lake and doing the loop through Cherokee and back through the Fire Chain. Well both groups bailed on me so I decided to do a solo trip instead. Renting a Bell Magic. Have the Baker EP and 4 nights to play with.

Since this is my first solo, I'm not terribly excited about putting alot of miles on alone, so I am thinking of trying a basecamp for the 4 nights.

Here's the question-- I have read the reviews on Campsites up through Kelly, Jack and Wierd. That EP does lend itself to day trips to Temperance, Brule and the Fires, however.

BUT I noticed that there are permits open for my trip dates on Homer. Plus it looks like there are permits for several days ahead of my travel dates, which may mean that the area is not going to be very busy?

I haven't been to either areas (have been on Brule). Which EP would you all recommend for my situatio?

Will fish some (would be nice to get one meal)--mostly want to get out and play with the solo canoe and explore. All my other trips are fairly fish intensive with my son. Would love your opinions.
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07/04/2022 08:33PM  
I think Baker is pretty ideal for a first solo, esp if you are not planning to travel much. Smaller water and places to day trip to if, as you are planning to, you base camp.
07/04/2022 10:22PM  
I'll second the vote for Baker. It has more options for day trips. But if you're looking for four days of relaxing and not doing much, then Homer is delightful. We've done both.
07/05/2022 08:41AM  
I’ve done each of those EP twice and liked both of them. I’d give the nod to Baker also because of better fishing, more options for travel, and moose sightings. I had good fishing on Jack and the north end of Kelly both trips and saw moose on 3 different lakes.

If you’re looking for a quieter area with less people then I’d pick Homer. One of my trips there was a short solo that I spent 1 night on Pipe and 1 night on Vern and I didn’t see any other people until I got back to Homer on exit day.

Have a great trip. Many solo travelers started because of trip mates disappearing. My 1st solo was just to see if I could do it thinking it would be a 1 time thing, but I absolutely loved it and have done several. My first couple of solos I thought I wouldn’t go far, but once on the water I got in a groove and just kept going much further than I had planned.

Be very careful. Solo tripping is very addicting.
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07/05/2022 10:09AM  
Just some food for thought. If it is your first solo, I would consider planning plenty of activity. Just sitting in one spot for 4 days can start to feel pretty long and gets in some people's head. Personally, I like at least traveling or being on a day trip for a minimum of 4 hours each day. I met a guy on my latest solo who had just planned 5-6 days on 2 different lakes. He was leaving early because the loneliness was getting to him. At least give yourself options. And solos are definitely addicting in my book...just finished my 4th.
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