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07/08/2022 01:24PM  
New Trip Report posted by DrBeabout

Trip Name: Moose to Basswood, 1 nighter.

Entry Point: 25

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07/10/2022 11:07AM  
That's a lot of work for 1 night, but as long as the kids got out and enjoyed it that's good. I didn't think you could have portage wheels anywhere in BWCA, but maybe ok in the motorized areas? I've always wondered about renting a cabin and doing shorter trips, but I'm not sure if I would feel like roughing it if most of the experience is close enough to experience on day trips.
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07/10/2022 07:51PM  
You can have portage wheels in the motored areas of Fall/Basswood etc

That's how they do the portages w/ boats
07/11/2022 06:47AM  
But Wind is not motorized, is it? Would think the wheels would be a no-no there.
07/11/2022 11:20AM  
Yes- a lot of packing for a one-nighter. A few other family members were back at the cabin--- so leaving them for too long didn't seem best. Thinking about a Moose-Basswood loop next time.
07/11/2022 01:47PM  
You might consider crossing over to Quetico when it reopens. It opens a lot of the Basswood or Carp area for camping out of the motorized area that is easily accessed from Moose. You'd need an RABC and Ontario fishing licenses and camping fees are more expensive if that is a consideration.
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