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member (29)member
07/26/2022 12:54PM  
Just wanted to see if anyone has ever been into Soho Lake east of Cirrus. Thinking of camping there and doing some fishing. Any info is appreciated.
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distinguished member(598)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/27/2022 02:59PM  
Its been a long time but there is a nice peninsula site on the left side coming in. Then there is a nice beach site half way down the lake on the south side. I did'nt fish Soho but I understand it is a Lake Trout lake with possibly some large walleyes also. The water was very clear. If you portage over to Smudge Lake to the east it was a good walleye lake over populated with small walleye but you can catch them easily.
distinguished member (233)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/27/2022 09:34PM  
I've been on Soho several times, but only day trips over from Cirrus. It's been a few years though. Neat Lake, crystal clear water unlike the darker water of Cirrus. My visits were in late May, and lake trout fishing was pretty good. Also caught a few decent smallies. I remember the campsite on the south shore being pretty good, think we stopped and had lunch there one day. There was some kind of old settlement (logging camp I think) on one of the northern bays of the lake. My recollection is a bit fuzzy, but we checked it out and there were the remnants of an old dock and some old iron tools laying around. I'd say Soho Lake is definitely worth a look. We walked the portage to Smudge but never carried the canoes across.
member (16)member
07/28/2022 06:32AM  
We camped on Soho, Site 501, for 2 nights in July, 2022. Used hammocks, trees west of site along shore worked well. Landing is all rock so not ideal ans site was steep with great lake views. Fishing was great, many smallmouth, caught Lakers and good sized walleye from canoe and shore, did not catch any northern????. Blueberries in open area above site. Did not have a fire as the fire pit had strawberries growing in it and I did not want to burn them. Clear water and a good sand beach on east end of the lake, I did not look for or find the sand beach that is supposed to be on the south shore.
08/01/2022 10:04AM  
I was just at the east end of Cirrus a little over a week ago but the winds from the west were so strong that I didn't check out Soho because I didn't want to fight my way back.

I last visited Soho in 2004. Caught a 4.5 lb walleye from shore from the beach site on the south side of the lake about half way down. There were six of us on that trip with three tents and a screen tent which all fit on the site. Easy landing as it's a beach. Not sure of its current condition. I did not see the site on the north side.

Tried jigging for trout in the afternoon but no luck.
member (29)member
08/02/2022 05:10AM  
Thanks for all the info on this. I just got back from a six day trip and we spent two nights on Soho. We stayed on the south shore site which was very nice. Also caught lake trout and smallies, but unfortunately no large walleyes. Definitely a very pretty lake. Will be going back for sure.
member (16)member
08/02/2022 09:34PM  
I love eating northern and am curious as to your experience, did you catch any? Are there any in Soho?
member (29)member
08/03/2022 12:35PM  
I don't mind northerns either but hard to clean which deters me. Unfortunately I did not catch any in Soho. It would be nice to know if they are there. Cirrus has them...but I guess Soho flows into Cirrus. I wouldn't doubt there in there.

I did notice though the lake trout in Soho were much smaller than most Quetico lakes. I'm guessing it's just the food source, maybe no Cisco or whitefish in there.

I'll be heading back in the future so maybe I can confirm the presence of norther.
member (16)member
08/04/2022 11:48PM  
Thank you for letting me know and I look forward to your future northern results.
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