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08/08/2022 11:00PM  
Between Lac La Croix and Iron Lake. Can you take the Bottle Portage with out issues if you do not have a Quetico Permit? If that is good, what about Rebecca Falls? Can you go? Stay over night?(that might be pushing jt)?

Thabk you in advance!!
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08/08/2022 11:35PM  
Portage yes. Rebecca Falls no.
08/09/2022 06:57AM  
Banksiana: "Portage yes. Rebecca Falls no."


However, if you have a RABC permit ($30) AND a day pass (or seasonal vehicle day use permit, $75) you can go see Rebecca Falls. Add an ON fishing license and you can explore and fish Quetico all day long, just can’t camp overnight.
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08/09/2022 09:58AM  
If you add an Ontario fishing license, you must add the 3 year Ontario Outdoor Card. Fairly inexpensive and ordered on the same web site.
08/09/2022 10:09AM  
Pretty sure a group followed me into Rebecca falls without anything last week. Obviously I don’t know that for sure! Pissed me off a little bit since I had day passes for Quetico and a valid RABC for the family and had worked hard to do it correctly! They also appeared to be paddling to LLC and only turned to follow us after they realized what my group was doing.

Then I proceeded to take the portage when I should have pulled into the middle with the campsites. Made for a bushwhacking poor view of the falls. That was my fault and irritated me that I didn’t research that better which added to my irritation! We didn’t have time to go through from the middle so kind of missed that opportunity.

I’d recommend the higher branch off at bottle portage. Basically you have two options of trails on the portage. The lower one has a tree across it near the Iron Lake side. You can get past the tree but it adds difficulty. It’s also way muddier on that side and I mean by a lot!

08/10/2022 02:33PM  
Thank you all for the replies. I assumed this, Bottle Portage is ok but Rebecca Falls is not, but wanted to make sure.

We will pass as we dont want to spend any more money this year but look forward to getting up there again and seeing the falls again(been 20+ years).

thank you again!
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