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08/09/2022 03:36PM  
I can’t seem to find a reference for a couple things I’d like to bring into Canada. Anything I find that’s close seems to be contradicted somewhere else on the government website. One is sliced/packaged pepperoni. The hormel brand you put on pizza and the other is chicken, the sealed in a bag kind. Both are stable at room temperature which seems to be a criteria. Anybody know for sure? Thanks, mark
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08/09/2022 04:34PM  
Pepperoni was fine I didn’t even mention that. If the chicken is cooked I’d think it was OK. If it’s uncooked it’s most likely not.

I brought in the Ova Easy eggs in the powder form. Got questioned on it but I was being super open and explained what it was basically a freeze dried form of egg and got a free to go! The chicken I had was all cooked and had been dehydrated or was freeze dried. They have a pretty good idea what canoe trippers are bringing in.

08/09/2022 04:39PM  
By the way a grocery store is super close to the border in Ft. Frances/I Falls so you could pick up a few items if needed after crossing the border like actual eggs or uncooked chicken if you need those items.

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08/09/2022 04:48PM  
Thanks everyone. I just want to bring pre packaged, cooked or dried meat products for camp meals. I suppose packaged beef jerky is close to the same thing, but again there’s no clear info. I have been to the Safeway in ft Francis, even earlier this year and find that they often don’t have things you would expect. I think I’ll have the meat products in a separate bag and be ready to hand them over right away if there’s an issue.
08/09/2022 10:02PM  
I have crossed the border many times with the items you are asking about. You shouldn't have any problem. CBSA staff at your entry point will ask if you are bringing anything into Canadian which you intend to leave there - they are not talking about food or at least the prepackaged stuff.
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08/10/2022 07:54AM  
mkdixon, the items you want to bring across the border are fine.

The key at the border is only answer the questions that they ask. You're doing nothing illegal by bringing those items into Canada, but don't make crossing the border any harder than it is (and it's not hard).

They might ask about potatoes (not allowed) or other such items that come from the ground. If you're intent on bringing those, buy them in Fort Frances.
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08/10/2022 07:58AM  

If you are traveling from the U.S. and the product you are concerned about isn't on this list, I wouldn't worry about it: Table 1: Food products allowed into Canada originating from the United States

Whatever you do, just make sure the officials understand that any product you are bringing in is for personal use and not for resale or distribution. Not a guarantee because who knows what kinda day that official is having that day and they might be in a raging mood of annoyance, but overall I think processed, prepackaged, and sealed food will be just fine.
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08/10/2022 09:16AM  
As of July, raw eggs and uncooked chicken were still not permitted due to the avian flu. I do not know if that has changed in August. A safe option is to omit those items and purchase in Canada.

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