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08/11/2022 04:39PM  
Just took a rod to Scheels to be replaced after it broke while trying to pull in a small fish after it got caught in the moss. I was told they couldn't replace it because it wasn't made for pulling a fish through the moss?
What the hell so I can only use their rods where I won't get snags or caught in the moss?
Guess I won't be buying their rods any more.
Sorry, I just had to rant!!
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distinguished member (223)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/12/2022 07:19AM  
Who did you talk to? My guess, without knowing more, was that this was an off the cuff response from whoever happened to be at the counter. I would try talking to a store manager and point out just exactly how illogical this is.
distinguished member (499)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/12/2022 08:13AM  
Did the person misunderstand what you meant? If you told me you were pulling a fish through the moss, I would assume your were dragging the fish through the woods. Perhaps finding a different employee and using different terms would help?
08/12/2022 10:51AM  

I checked out the Scheel's Return/Exchange Policy ( Warranties are through the manufacturer). The policy seems to be related to products defective or damaged upon receipt. There are a few items like firearms, ammunition, and autographed memorabilia that cannot be returned. Some items considered defective like baseball bats and hockey sticks are replaced by getting an RA number from the manufacturer that backs their product.

Perhaps you could see if the manufacturer backs their items? Items damaged while in service is always such a subjective situation. I feel for you but do understand a retailer's perspective as well. I know a person who purposely broke his fish pole because he just didn't like it and received a refund for it.

I know REI used to have a no questions asked return policy that they had to amend to ninety days or one year for members because people were taking advantage of that.
08/12/2022 12:41PM  
The return policy won't say that there is a no questions asked policy on returns for liability reasons I'm sure but I do know through many contacts I have at Scheels that if you buy a Scheels brand product and it breaks or does not function as it once did that they will replace it.

I have broken a few Scheels rods and purchased Scheels equipment strictly for this fact and use that equipment in harsher environments because of this policy.

I don't know the circumstances around why Captain Tony was denied but I would never start with customer service. I would have started with a retail employee specifically working in the fishing department and they will help you out. They usually will radio down to customer service and let them know they are sending you down with a replacement rod for the exchange.

Not that I'm trying to game the system here but I probably would have softened my story about how I broke it dragging a bass through moss lol.
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