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08/13/2022 07:27AM  
I periodically see folks referencing a specific camp site number. How is this found or determined? Thanks.
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08/13/2022 07:35AM  
Bob, at the top of the screen, you'll see a strip of options for you to click on. Click on the one that says, "Maps & Entry Points". By doing so, a drop-down menu will appear.

Click on "BWCA Lake Maps". That will give you an alphabetical list of all the BWCA lakes.

Go to the lake name that you want and click on it. The map of the lake will now be on your screen, along with many dots indicating campsites.

Click on one of those dots and a little bubble will appear which states the campsite number and there will be a link that takes you to campsite reviews, etc. You can also click on portages to read reviews about them.

It's great information. Have fun checking it out.
08/13/2022 08:27PM  
How were the campsites numbered and how do people have access to knowing the numbers? I think the number is on the latrines? I swear I read that in the past, but there must be a database somewhere?

08/14/2022 07:02AM  
I've seen the campsite number painted on the back of the latrines. I can use that number plus the name of the lake if I need to inform the forest service of a problem at a particular campsite.
08/14/2022 09:18AM  
2 different can say "Gaskin lake site #6", or there is the the one Jackfish mentions where every site in the BW has a specific #. I'm not positive, but I believe in the first instance the y may group some small lakes (with 1-2 sites) together. Example....latrine number on Phantom lake may be #4, but Battle lake may be #3 in the series. Bigger lakes with multiple sites have the own #1 thru whatever...#10, or #12 etc. Not positive on this....but I think I've seen it. Most people on this site refer to the second system where the specific, individual # is used.
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