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member (20)member
08/17/2022 08:16PM  
Does anybody have any pics of their fish finder setups on their canoes? I’m currently experimenting around with my new setup and figured why not pick some brains. Seems to be a fine line between simple/sleek and huge and bulky.
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08/18/2022 07:23PM  
member (20)member
08/18/2022 07:56PM  
lundojam: " "

That’s a clean setup!
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08/18/2022 07:56PM  
member (20)member
08/19/2022 09:20AM  
Great looking setup! That thwart bag is nice!
member (11)member
08/19/2022 10:54PM  
Sorry, not the best picture, but it's just a really small piece of poplar with small u-bolts around the thwart that poke up through the board (slipped cut bike innertunes over the ubolts so it's not metal on metal). The board has the mount that came with the Garmin Striker 4 screwed to it. I use the small camera bag to transport the screen and transducer up there, then hang it over the finder and put the battery in it while I'm up there. Shoot through the hull with a small homemade petrie dish looking thing with a flexible bottom (made out of a cut down peanut butter jar and waterproof bag).
member (10)member
08/20/2022 09:20PM  
Made this setup for a recent trip. The screen itself and the mount come out and everything fits in the Plano box easily for portages and the whole box gets stuffed in a pack. I got the smallest lithium battery which is extremely light. The Garmin pulls very little power I went three days of long use and hardly dropped in charge this thing could go for over I week I am guessing. The setup and take down is very easy. The transducer on a suction cup mount worked great. Whole setup weighs a little less then a pound. It is very light and portable. I want to seal up the holes for the cables with silicone to make it fully waterproof as it is a watertight container. Worked just fine for me and for sure helped me catch walleye. As they were in small packs of 4-5 fish mostly stationary during the day I could find the small packs of them and anchor on top of them catch them that way or drift through them.

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