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distinguished member (196)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/19/2022 05:06PM  
Will be entering Lake One and was thinking of going Little Sag, Eddy, Knife, Kek, Fraser, and back To Lake One. Trying to decide on dropping down through Boulder, Adams and out or doing through Thomas and out. Anybody have a preference to one or the other. I will be out 7 nights.
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distinguished member(1442)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/19/2022 05:46PM  
That's an impressive route, Dusty. It looks like approximately 90-100 miles, depending on a few of the options along the way. I did a similar route in 2020 except started and ended through Moose and covered over 120 16 days.

Regarding the route, Boulder is my favorite area and I highly recommend it. That said, it may come down to time and weather because I think Boulder would take longer than going from Fraser to Thomas to Insula and out to Lake One. That said, depending on the weather the time along the river may be the better bet. If it were me, I would opt for Boulder/Adams.

When you return I would love to read your trip report and see some pics!
distinguished member(1980)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/19/2022 05:53PM  
My husband and I just completed a trip through some of those areas this summer. We traveled from Little Sag, down to Elton, and then across from Hoe to Roe to Sagus, then down through Fraser, Thomas, Alice. Then back over to the Kawishiwi, up through Beaver, Adams, Boulder, and back across via the Ledge to Hoe route, stayed on Makwa and back up into Little Sag and exited to the north. The summer before we traveled between Little Sag and the Kawishiwi via Pan, Panhandle, Kivaniva, then over to Alice, up through Alice-Thomas-Fraser and headed up to Kekakabic, etc.

If you are looking for peace and quiet, it is tough to beat getting into the Boulder and Adams area. A couple things to note:

1) The portage between Roe and Cap can be a bear to access on the Roe end. We were there in late July and could not paddle through the mud/weedy channel until we got rid of our 2 small packs (had to bushwack portage them across the bog). So if you are not traveling super lightly, I recommend skipping that part of the route.

2) The other portages from Cap over to Makwa are very lightly traveled but were in decent condition. Lots of low hanging shrubs/plants.

3) The low water between Adams and Boulder caused us some challenges and delays as well. The route from the Kawishiwi up through Kivaniva, Pan, etc. is easier, but I would return to Adams/Boulder anytime!

In short, it really depends how hard you want to work and how much privacy you are seeking. Have a great trip. I love those interior areas.
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