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09/14/2022 04:19PM  
Spent the previous four days on Lake One. The Northern Pike were actively bumping and biting Rapala and Bomber diving/rattling lures in color schemes white/red, white/silver/blue, and pink/purple. All while trolling and actively casting. In water depths of 19-23' we marked multiple fish one to two feet off the bottom with minimal response to leaches and plastics. The trolling along steep dropoffs and boulders/humps saw the most activity. The pike were suspended in the 12' to 16' range. They were following lures and one struck on a figure-eight!

Another team in our crew caught Small Mouth using worms and leaches next to rock cliffs/outcroppings. We brought in a Garmin Striker 5CV and rod holders for the "Duffer" and the Stern paddler also had a planer board. We did not portage and intentionally went in "heavy." The laughing at the entry point was good and everyone was friendly! Especially after learning we were not going too far. We have done the 50-mile loops in a week but now was time to slow down and fish.

Two 12 V, 12 AH sealed batteries fit inside a plastic "30 Cal Ammo Can" was secured to the thwart and leads passed through a sealed hole to power the fish finder. Worked slick and kept the kid busy when the fish were not active.

Good luck to the next group of anglers up there!

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Savage Voyageur
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09/14/2022 04:46PM  
Looking at your campsite I want to be in your group. Good things come out of that Dutch oven. And then there is bacon wrapped fish with walleye wings.
09/15/2022 08:24AM  
Savage Voyageur,

We do eat very well. Even on the deeper expeditions thanks to food dehydrators and packing frozen items low to sit on the canoe's floor. We have had steaks still frozen on day four and given extra food to those starving from the freeze dried/dehydrated trail food packs.

This year we paddled in with soft coolers, two dutch ovens, and guys dehydrated some foods at home again. We enjoyed spaghetti and homemade meatballs, pulled pork, cornbread, cobbler, fajitas, stir fry, english muffin/egg/sausage/canadian bacon/cheese sandwiches and other items. Someone forgot the soy sauce so we used the remainder of the BBQ in the stir fry. That was awesome!

The one Walleye caught was carved out really well and I learned about those wings! I'll have to make sure I get to try them in the future. The bacon was laid to the length of the fillets, deli cut ham was next with Mad Dog and Merrills' "Gramma Hazel's" seasoning before the pig was wrapped around the fillet. Then cooked on the cast iron griddle with a mix of butter and oil. That was our field-expedient appetizer!
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