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09/25/2022 05:24PM  
Any thoughts about why there is only one permit per day for this entry point? Looks like there are about 10 campsites on the lake, and the lake is not easily gotten to by surrounding lakes. Thanks.

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distinguished member(1962)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/25/2022 08:23PM  
I assume it is because there are a lot of other entry points nearby and not a lot of space to move about doing bigger routes. People entering from John Lake, Clearwater Lake, and East Bearskin can all reach Pine within a day or so. The last few years, finding a campsite in this area has often been challenging for people, based on reports I have read.
09/27/2022 10:53AM  
Johnson Falls has to be one of the major attractions on this lake - I know it was for our group. We stayed on Pine before and after our falls visit. As mentioned above, with multiple permits being issued from other EPs and the relatively easy travel to Pine (3-4 hours from EP 62) it was quite popular during our visit. Perhaps the distance to access EP 68 and no nearby outfitter, also play a role in the 1 permit per day. It is a beautiful lake and we had good success fishing during our visit - even more reasons this is a must see lake when you are in this area, in my opinion. Just make sure the wind is behaving when traveling this lake!
distinguished member (189)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/29/2022 06:36PM  
Let me echo the sentiments of Fishman53. Pine is a beautiful, but exercise caution on this lake in the wind. It is a wind tunnel that generates big waves. Safety first.
09/29/2022 08:22PM  
Could be a great trip, but could be similar to a "Death By Alton" scenario. I'm sure most are familiar with Alton. It can really be a scary bad lake. I know from experience, and more than once, one time with a broken leg fibula.

senior member (97)senior membersenior member
09/30/2022 08:30AM  
I've been on pine in the winter, and yes it is a brutal wind tunnel. Could see it getting very nasty in a thunderstorm, it was a rough experience for us during the blizzard that hit when we were out there.

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