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09/27/2022 10:21AM  
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09/27/2022 03:32PM  
My guess is competition for the Zoleo.
09/27/2022 09:31PM  
That looks like a really cool device. Might be time to move on from my ol' reliable SPOT device.
09/29/2022 07:52PM  
Reasonable price. Subscription cost?
senior member (54)senior membersenior member
09/29/2022 10:09PM  
Frenchy19: "Reasonable price. Subscription cost? "

I was wondering the same thing.
member (16)member
09/29/2022 10:50PM  
Assuming it's the same as all their InReach stuff, it's $15 a month if you just do one month at a time. I think it's closer to $10 a month if you keep it all year. That's their most basic plan, you get ten messages (unlimited preset messages though, which you get three of to set up beforehand), and no sharable tracking. All messages after your ten are 50 cents.

They have two other tiers which give you more tracking points (to share) and messages, they are $35 and $65 a month. There is also a yearly fee of $20 or $30, even if you only use it one month a year.
distinguished member(2280)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/30/2022 02:33PM  

One thing I like about the Messenger from my quick review of it, is that it can also double as a charger for your phone if you need to. Kinda like having a spare battery pack along.
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