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10/27/2022 09:54AM  
A huge fan of Hippies (or similar, as I now make my own from Cabela's hip wader pant because they have knee pad infrastructure) since an arctic adventure in 2015, I have worn through three pairs of the Chotta hybrid and trekker boots. "Worn" isn't the correct term, each pair fell apart long before what I would consider their useful life. Unacceptable toe/sole delamination, webbing deterioration and seam thread separation issues have led me to consider other options. My concerns have been shared with Chotta in person and through emails over the years.

Onto another option that would fit over the neoprene sock of a Hippie, I am leaning toward the NRS Stormboot. If you have any comments about this product or other suggestions for a great draining boot, worn over neoprene stockings, has ankle support, and is durable as I am an active adventurer, please share your recommendations. If you have any negative boot review I would appreciate that as well.

During summer season and in warmer climates I love my Merrill MQC2 Tactical boot. Fits like a glove, drains well, lightweight and a delight to wear wet footing and portaging. I may consider a larger size MQC2 over neoprene 'Hippies'.

Thank you
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10/27/2022 10:28AM  
Link: NRS Stormboot

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