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member (19)member
11/23/2022 09:23AM  
My wife and I have used Sawbill and Baker lake entry points in the past. We really like Baker as it has the sandy area where you put in as opposed to Sawbill where you have to somewhat step down to your canoe.

The reason I mention that is we are looking to take our 5 year old this next spring. We are looking for an ideas on a fairly easy put in and trip for his first time. We also want to explore somewhere new instead of somewhere we had been.

Any ideas on starting points to look at that you have any experience with? Any thoughts are appreciated!

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distinguished member (228)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
11/23/2022 11:30AM  
EP 37 - Kawishiwi would be a good one for you to check out. Nice put in area and you can camp right on Kawishiwi if you want or you can go as far in as Malberg or even further to Pan or Makwa.
Polly might be a good destination with a 5 year old along for the trip. This has been a great area for our crew on past trips
11/23/2022 12:27PM  
East Bearskin is an easy entry and first portage into Alder that you might want to look at.
senior member (79)senior membersenior member
11/23/2022 12:44PM  
South Hegmann ep #77 is so good for kids. My kids have been going there since they were 3. An 80 rod portage to the lake, 3 sites right on the lake, pictographs for a day trip and some cool native american history/cultural learning. a little busier bc it's a popular day trip but it's really fun for the kiddo. And also safe - close to the car and full cell service in case of emergency.
distinguished member(1882)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
11/23/2022 03:23PM  
Just to the north of the Sawbill "pier" is a flat area. It's maybe 100' - 150' or so north of where most people put in. There is a well established trail down to it. It's at the bend in the road heading up the campsites along the lake. People staying in the campground generally store their canoes and kayaks in that area. Kawishiwi is a great EP too. I personally like using a bunkhouse at Rockwood and paddling across Poplar and using #37 Lizz/Swamp EP.
distinguished member(1305)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
11/23/2022 06:05PM  
Couple of ideas:

Entry 47 - Lizz Lake - Make a reservation at the Rockwood Bunkhouse and then leave from their very nice, gravel beach area. Head to Horseshoe or Gaskin Lake. Short(er) portages, great moose viewing possibilities, reasonable fishing chances. Lots of day trip areas.

If larger lakes don't put you off, Sea Gull Lake (Entry 54) offers a portage free BWCA experience OR a short loop through Alpine, Red Rock Lake, Red Rock Bay, Saganaga Lake with short portages and great scenery.

I like Kawisiwi Lake too. The river paddling is beautiful. The Pagami Creek Fire impacted the area from Square Lake to the edge of Lake Polly. Some people like to see the recovery in progress. Others are spooked by it and would rather avoid those areas.

Hope you have a great trip.
distinguished member(2695)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
11/24/2022 06:10AM  
Homer Lake entry is a good option as well. No big water, scenic and good fishing. The portages are all pretty short and easy. Two short portages and you are on Vern Lake which has two nice campsites. The Vern River is accessible near both campsites and is an interesting and easy daytrip. The entry point doesn't get much easier than this one too.

Homer Lake put in

Vern River scenery

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