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11/30/2022 12:19PM  
I'm looking to get a larger capacity woodstove for winter camping. Looking at the kni-co alaskan or something like a beefy, thick walled cylinder stove with a flat top. Does a thick-walled heavy stove really make a difference with heat retention? Thanks!
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11/30/2022 01:08PM  
I had this same question posted on the winter camping forum. Bear responded that the thick cylinder stove does indeed hold more heat and lasts longer. He said it was a real hassle to haul in. I have a medium Kni-co for my High Country, but just ordered an Alaskan for my Outfitter. The extra weight and lack of portability isn't worth it to me. If I can get 3.5 hours with the medium, I should get 4 out of the larger Alaskan.
11/30/2022 03:21PM  
Right on. Thanks for your perspective. A few hours worth of heat will beat the hell out of my tiny WWW titanium stove.
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11/30/2022 05:37PM  
The thick wall stoves do hold a fire longer than the Kni-co stoves. Part of that may be the tighter control of air intake (less leaking around the door).
Having been involved in sledding in Both types of stoves it is so much easier to use the Kni-co stoves.

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