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01/29/2023 07:55PM  
Was not able to get in on the initial permit availablity because we are just not organized on this end yet and too many other issues right now. I do see that an entry point I was interested in--Fall Lake--still does have a number of OP permits available daily for a late Aug/early Sept timeframe.

Couple of questions:
1. I know they are already gone for this season but how many overnight motor permits are granted for this entry daily? How busy are Newton/Pipestone Bay with motors?

2. How much of a problem is wind? I was on Jackfish Bay once and was windbound most of a day. Is Pipestone likley similar or is it "generally" better/worse than Jackfish?

3. Would we be too ambitious to hope for one of the island sites of Back Bay on the first day with a Fall Lake entry?

I know that much of the answers to this is "depends" but looking for some insight.
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