Boundary Waters & Quetico - Trip Reports

Trip Name Trip Type Days Entry Point Member Name Publish Date Action
Back To The BWCA On Basswood--The Boundary Waters Feels Like Home Paddling Canoe 4 Days 24 - Fall Lake bottomtothetap 09/10/23 View
Number Chain Newbies--Guiding Five First-timers on Lakes One, Two and Three Paddling Canoe 5 Days 30 - Lake One bottomtothetap 08/14/22 View
Sawbill, Easy-Breezy Paddling Canoe 5 Days 38 - Sawbill Lake bottomtothetap 09/09/20 View
Gutting It Out On Gabbro: Taking A Hard Fall On A Fall Trip Paddling Canoe 5 Days 31 - Farm Lake bottomtothetap 09/14/19 View
Seagull-Sag, abbreviated Paddling Canoe 2 Days 54 - Seagull Lake bottomtothetap 08/15/18 View
Where Are The Maps?...and No Pictures, Please--our 2017 trip on the Little Indian Sioux Paddling Canoe 4 Days 14 - Little Indian Sioux River (north) bottomtothetap 08/02/17 View
Wandering to West Pike Lake Paddling Canoe 5 Days 62 - Clearwater Lake bottomtothetap 09/22/16 View
Nice Little Trip With The Guys--Entry At Snowbank Paddling Canoe 5 Days 27 - Snowbank Lake bottomtothetap 11/08/15 View
Five days of Clouds, Four Fish, Three Moose, Three Young Guys, One Old Dude, One Great Time! Paddling Canoe 5 Days 50 - Cross Bay Lake bottomtothetap 01/18/15 View
The Kindness of Strangers Paddling Canoe 4 Days 26 - Wood Lake bottomtothetap 08/08/12 View