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02/17/2023 06:44PM  
I found a package of Los Corrales "Machacado" dried beef that is finely shredded. I'm not finding a lot of recipes using it. I'm thinking of making a slightly watery red chili sauce and rehydrating it in that and making tacos from it. Has anyone tried this product and liked it?
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02/17/2023 08:53PM  
I dehydrate shredded pork tenderloin and ground beef for use in tacos on canoe trips. I think Machaca would work well in that regard - I will try this year. I use carne asada seasoning and water to rehydrate for tacos. Works well. The manchaca con huevos recipes that pop up when googling “recipes with manchaca” looks very doable as well for canoe trip breakfast.
02/22/2023 09:51PM  
I tried rehydrating it in a chili sauce. It made a passable chili like product, but there were a lot of slightly larger pieces that stayed very chewy, even the next day. It wasn't inedible if you enjoy chewing as a pastime but I think I'll find other sources of protein.
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