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03/20/2023 07:53PM  
I have read a number of posts where the two burner Voyager stoves are mentioned. A couple of the posts are several years old and none of the give a real thorough review of the stove. I’m interested in a light weight, packable (two burner) stove and this one sure seems to fit the bill. Can anyone offer any feedback on these stoves? One area of concern for me is the lightweight aluminum sheeting that makes up the windscreen and base. For those that have this stove, is that aluminum susceptible to bending, getting dented, damaged, etc.? I’m visualizing a portage pack getting tossed around and potentially damaging the sheets of aluminum.
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member (47)member
03/21/2023 10:08AM  
I have one and the legs. You shouldn't worry about the stove body getting damaged. Its built solid and the materials are quality. I think the stove is probably worth the weight if you are taking long trips, really enjoy cooking complex meals or have physical limitations that make standing preferable. We like to travel light so ours is in the back of the gear closet where it will stay until we go on another long trip or base camp somewhere. I don't want to give the impression that I am being negative about the stove. I am not. It is a quality piece of gear. It just does not fit our style for most trips.
member (8)member
03/21/2023 10:19AM  
I purchased this stove with the taller legs two years ago. When folded the wind screen fits nicely in the back of the pack and provides a flat surface to sit against your back during portages. I have never been worried about it denting or deforming. The wind screen when laid flat provides an excellent prep surface or fish cleaning station. We have had this stove on two trips that were a week long each. I have also used it car camping. I enjoy having a double burner setup and this is a much better option that the old coleman double burners.
distinguished member (248)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
03/21/2023 01:48PM  
+1 on the stove pull the trigger and get it!
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