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04/07/2023 12:28PM  
I know a number of folks on the forum use older B&W fish locators that are no longer manufactured. Despite their relative obsolesce for general fishing use, I believe they still hold a niche role for canoe fishers and back country trippers, as the most power efficient units ever made.

I decided to give these units a little love and designed a ball mount adapter for the older Lowrance/Eagle units as well as the Humminbird Piranha/PiranhaMAX units. I know that you can get an adapter plate to mount a ball to the stock base of the unit, but my design eliminates the base entirely, making for a more compact and slightly lighter setup.

I have upload the printable files to Cults3D, free to print. Hopefully others will find them useful.

Lowrance - Eagle Ball Mount

Humminbird Piranha - PiranhaMAX Ball Mount

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