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04/15/2023 01:08PM  
Anyone been up that way recently? Looking for Intel in the last year or two if available. I haven't seen any recent trip reports but maybe I've just missed them
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04/15/2023 08:58PM  
If you are planning to canoe through Bear Pelt I wish you luck. The creek to Bearpelt is a nightmare. There have been several trip reports about it. I did it solo 40 years ago and wouldn’t try it again. The creek from West Cub to Bear Pelt is dry after the major dam on Bearpelt was destroyed so you are looking at a really long walk along a dry creek bed.
04/16/2023 09:23AM  
Sounds like a nightmare! I'll look again for those trip reports. I know of another paddling friend who is going in there in June as I am. Here's hoping that the Spring Flooding lasts just a tad bit longer to raise the water levels in there!
04/16/2023 09:55AM  
I found a couple of discussion threads that I'm pasting here for my own reference. From the reading, it sounds like quite the impassable nightmare!
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04/17/2023 01:20PM  
I talked to the park office about this a couple times in the last few weeks. They say Bear Pelt Creek is impassable. A number of years ago, a large beaver dam broke and lowered the water to a level that does not support paddling. On questioning, they said they haven't had anyone in there in recent years.
05/10/2023 07:12AM  
Thanks for that intel. I'll give the park office a call as well. I'd like to hear what they'd advise and if they are going to send anyone in that direction. After talking to some other folks, I might switch up my plans and drop down from Badwater into omeme and check out conditions from that end.
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05/10/2023 07:46AM  

This is what it was like last time we went down Bearpelt.
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